Who we are

We want to help your child love math!

Welcome to MathSquared - Math Squared is an exciting program, proudly developed in the 2000's, in Silicon Valley, California to enhance and support the existing math curriculum in public schools. Built upon four building blocks of math understanding, Math Squared challenges the student to develop a sense of problem solving ability while making math learning fun.

Math Squared offers its program to other math educational systems and tutors for a licensing fee to expand its curriculum to new communities.

What is so special about our program?

Concept building Application and problem solving Computation speed and accuracy Logic and Geometric composition

Our self-paced, individualized program allows children to progress according to their ability. Students are periodically evaluated by experienced tutors and the program is tailored to fit each child’s specific needs. Our program incorporates colorful workbooks and fun manipulative tools that engage and stimulate children as they learn.