Math Squared is a new and innovative math program that empowers children by teaching fundamental math skills. Through our twice-a-week sessions using our unique curriculum, your child will come to understand foundational math concepts, sharpen their logic skills, and learn to look at problems from a new perspective. Math Squared is geared to foster a multitude of skills with particular concentration in the areas of: concept building, application and problem solving, computation speed and accuracy, and logic and geometric composition skills.

Math Squared is uniquely designed to build a well-rounded skill set by equally addressing all four foundational areas of mathematics:

• Concept building
• Application and problem solving
• Computation speed and accuracy
• Logic and Geometric composition

Our self-paced, individualized program allows children to progress according to their ability. Students are periodically evaluated by experienced tutors and the program is tailored to fit each child’s specific needs. Our program incorporates colorful workbooks and fun manipulative tools that engage and stimulate children as they learn.

The Math Squared program was established in 2000 in the Silicon Valley of California. A team of authors with backgrounds in engineering, psychology, education, and mathematics, collaboratively designed the curriculum and learning system.

Most other Math programs employ rote memory and repetitious practice systems. While these techniques are great at building computation speed and accuracy, they do not promote analytical thinking and many students find the work uninteresting. Additionally, many of the other programs available were developed in other countries. The English translations of these foreign programs can be confusing for students and they are often inconsistent with the Math curriculum taught in American schools. Math Squared, on the other hand, follows the requirements set out by the California Board of Education. Our colorful workbooks and fun manipulative tools engage children. Our well-rounded program not only teaches students how to compute math functions with speed and accuracy, it teaches students to understand the concepts behind these math functions. Math Squared also teaches children to think independently, builds spatial reasoning skills, and develops analytical skills.

Students who struggle with math do so because they do not understand the foundational concepts behind math functions. Through fun and stimulating activities, students will learn the concepts they need, to first catch up to their grade level, and then excel beyond. Through the Math Squared program, your child will build self-confidence and learn to enjoy math. For those students who already excel in Math, our workbooks will challenge them to see old problems from a fresh perspective. Math Squared builds analytical and reasoning skills that school curriculums often fail to teach. Our program will allow advanced students to move ahead of their schoolmates and better prepare them for advanced math classes in junior high and high school. After about 3 months at Math Squared, most children see a general improvement in grades. Students develop observational, analytical, and independent learning skills that will benefit them in all areas of study.

Session length varies depending on the student’s level. Generally, sessions take about one hour. Once students become familiar with the format of our activities, they may be able to complete their work in as little as 30 minutes. Older students with more computation heavy workbooks may take longer.

Our maximum ratio is 7:1 for students who are familiar with our program. For new students, the ratio is no more than 5:1.

At Math Squared, children will develop independence. By helping them to build the habit of “thinking before you ask,” students learn to critically analyze problems for themselves. This produces a number of results. First, the student will have a deeper understanding of the concepts because they arrive at a solution through their own logic. Second, the student will become more confident in their skills and break their reliance on direction from teachers. Third, the student will develop analytical skills that will benefit them in all areas of study.

The Math Squared workbooks are most effective when paired with our unique teaching method. Our certified instructors are trained to patiently guide students to the correct solution without giving explicit instructions. Math Squared instructors teach children to look at problems from multiple perspectives to ensure they fully understand the concepts. If you would like to become a certified instructor, please see the information on our Licensee Program under the “Business Opportunity” link on the homepage.

Math Squared is extremely flexible. In the case of a missed session, tuition is either prorated the following billing period, or the student may take home an extra workbook to get back on track. Billing can be suspended for prolonged vacations and will be resumed at no extra charge, upon your return.

Yes. The student will complete the first 7 pages of their workbook in class and finish the last 7 pages for homework. The homework serves as a review of the concepts taught in the class work. Homework will be corrected by the instructor at the following session. Since the student can refer back to the class work pages if they have any questions, help from parents is not usually needed. However, we recommend that parents become involved in their child’s learning process by reviewing their work and communicating with the instructor through the comment box on the back of each book.

Because the Math Squared program is individualized and self-paced, our levels do not correspond to grade levels. The most advanced workbooks in the program teach Algebra.