Program: Experience

Learn to Think Outside the Box
In addition to being taught basic computational skills using traditional techniques, children at Math Squared are encouraged to think outside the box and are taught, through unconventional methods, that there is always more than one way to solve any math problem. Thus, in addition to numbers, math problems often use symbols, patterns, color, designs and pictures to convey math concepts. By seeing unusual problems and their solutions from more than one perspective, children learn to think on multiple levels and develop their analytical and problem solving abilities.

Math PowerKit –Learning Power in a Box
Students receive their own Math PowerKit, designed with all the tools to enhance the learning experience. The Math PowerKit makes learning fun, while giving the student a sense of responsibility and identity.

Self-Paced Curriculum Builds Confidence
exp1Math Squared’s individualized curriculum enables each child to proceed through a series of workbooks, with our professional guidance, at a pace that is optimal for his or her own math level. No child is therefore ever made to feel inadequate for not keeping pace with others, or bored while waiting for others to catch up. Moreover they can all enjoy a sense of personal accomplishment, confidence and self-esteem as they meet their own goals along their individualized learning paths.

Build Math Proficiency at Any level
exp2Regardless of the level of you child’s math ability, Math Squared’s individualized teaching system will significantly improve his or her understanding of math concepts and assist them in reaching their full potential. The systematically designed workbooks attracts kids by their appealing but also challenging contents. The key to the system is that it is self-pacing. Kids work and progress according to their ability, not their grade level.

Tune Up – Build Learning Skills
Children with weaker math skills who are not performing at grade level can enjoy using the program to strengthen their foundation in math. Instructors will ensure that each child fully understands each concept before advancing to the next level. By mastering the basics, the child creates a sturdy foundation upon which more complex math concepts can be built.

Power up – Stimulate the Imagination
Children who are performing at grade level will be encouraged to excel by the fun math tools, puzzles and games which will stimulate their imaginations and maintain their interest in learning new math skills and concepts.

Soar high – Go to the Head of the Class
exp3Children who already exceed their grade level in math and who are bored by their normal school math program, will be challenged to soar to new heights by learning to solve complex math problems and other advanced math concepts. Gifted children can accelerate their learning and progress as quickly as they are able to master each new math concept.

Give Your Child the Gift That Will Last a Lifetime.
Visit our office to find out how you and your children can benefit from this new and exciting program. With flexible schedules and a variety of programs, Math Squared will give your child the edge they need to succeed.