Math Squared offers programs to other math educational systems and tutors for a licensing fee to expand its curriculum to new communities.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the Math Squared License Program:

By obtaining a Math Squared License, you can own and operate your own Math Squared classroom. As a Licensee, you will receive training on our unique teaching method as well as on how to market and manage your center. Licensees can purchase workbooks at a discounted price and will receive continued support from the Math Squared support team as they begin teaching. We grant you the right to use the Math Squared name, sign, system, and business model. We do require you to implement a Math Squared learning center to our standard of excellence. No previous business experience is required, as training and support will be provided.

Parents love our well-rounded program because students not only learn critical math skills; they learn important life skills as well. Math Squared teaches children to think outside the box and develop logic and reasoning skills. These skills can be applied to all areas of study and most of our students outperform their classmates in all subjects in school.

First parents make an appointment for their child to take the evaluation test at your center. After the exam, you will review the results with the parent and make your recommendation on where in the program the child should begin.

All students attend 2 sessions per week. During the first session, the student will complete the first half of their workbook and take the second half home for homework. At the following session, homework is collected and a new workbook is begun. Session length depends on the student’s level and ability.

Every 8th workbook serves as a review of the set and is used to evaluate the student’s progress. Based on the student’s performance on this book, the level can be readjusted to fit the student’s needs.

Tuition for the first 12 weeks is collected at the time of enrollment, and collected every four weeks thereafter.

Parents pay a $25 evaluation fee, a $30 one-time registration fee, plus $95-$150 every four weeks, depending on the student’s level.

Because Math Squared is so effective, we have an extremely low student turn-over rate. Many parents keep their children enrolled until they graduate from the program.

We are running a special promotion! There is an one-time license fee for one location. Please give us a call or email for more information! The fee includes:

• Training,
• Training materials,
• Start-up kit,
• Marketing materials,
• Math Squared certificate,
• License agreement, and
• On-going support.

There is NO ROYALTY FEE or any other fees. Besides your fixed operating costs, the only other cost to you is the flat cost for workbooks and manipulative tools. Each workbook-set (8 workbooks) is $30 plus shipping and can be purchased from us once a student enrolls with your classroom. A workbook-set is to be used for 4 weeks (about a month) by one student, with 2 classes per week. The manipulative tools cost just a few US dollars and are used by the student for approximately one year.

Yes, we provide territory protection based on population, demand and activity.

Below is an estimate of the initial costs to open a Math Squared learning center. All numbers are estimated costs. Costs will vary depending on location, size of center, and other variables.

RENT AND DEPOSIT: $1,000 to $5,000
INITIAL ADVERTISING: $10,000 to $15,000

Typical expenses include: rent, ongoing advertising and promotion, wages for assistants as enrollment grows (usually paid hourly), and a range of miscellaneous expenses, including phone, office supplies, and the like.

Just like any business, your profit will depend largely on your effort. Particularly important is the quality of service you provide and whether you promote the center moderately or aggressively.

It’s entirely up to you. We will provide training on our unique teaching methods so no previous teaching experience is required. A 1:7 teacher-student ratio is best. As your center grows, you may need to hire additional tutors to handle the demand.

The hours may vary, depending on your location and desire. Most centers are open for instruction from 3pm to 7pm. You center must open at least 2 days a week.

To maintain the high quality of Math Squared learning center, we require every prospective licensee must take the following steps before he or she can own and operate a Math Squared center:

Step 1: Fill out the application form (either hard copy or request email form).
Step 2: We will review your application, and email back our decision.
Step 3: A standard background check may be conducted.
Step 4: Attend the on-line training. Hands-on training is optional at no additional cost.
Step 5: Once the exact location is approved and training requirements are met, a license agreement can be offered and a certificate will be issued within a week.

The training is conducted over the Internet and phone. It covers Math Squared curriculum, philosophy, teaching method, classroom operation, and business marketing strategies. The cost of this on-line training is included in your one time license fee. You may opt to attend the training in-person at the HQ in Northern California at no additional cost. You will be responsible for your own lodging and travel expenses if you decide to attend the hands-on training.

To apply to become a Math Squared licensee, download the Licensee Application, fill it out completely, and email it to m2math@gmail.com.

If you would like more information on this exciting opportunity, please send us an email and a Math Squared representative will contact you soon.

We look forward to hearing from you!