Program: Methods

After thorough research, development and testing, Math Squared built its curriculum on the following principles:

Concept Building – Laying the Foundation
Exploring the concepts of mathematics involves the child’s sense of wonder. We encourage active thinking and approach math concepts in multiple ways.

Application and Problem Solving – Real World Applications
methods1Applying mathematical concepts to real world problems, we make learning relevant and fun. Your child increases retention and understanding, and at the same time, determines how to apply concepts to new situations, such as challenging algebra problems.

Computation Skill Training – Empower the learning
We will help your child to understand and master basic computation tasks, not only the traditional techniques but also from different perspectives. We continually coach the student on the step-by-step mastery of computational skills and monitor and reward their improvements.

Make Math Fun!
methods2Math is often taught in a very boring manner that turns children off, but not at Math Squared. Realizing that children learn best when they are engaged, interested and having fun, and that by involving both their hands and their brains, they develop understanding and competence more quickly, Math Squared has developed innovative teaching tools that enhance the child’s learning experience. These include using games, puzzles, building blocks and other 3 dimensional devices that create a unique “hands-on” learning experience that teaches math concepts in new and interesting ways. Children therefore receive a “Math Power Kit” which contains their own set of 3 dimensional tools which helps to accelerate learning, while increasing the fun.